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About Us

NRG Magic Construction Inc. was established in January 2000. Having Home Improvement License and necessary insurance from the very first day, the company started its business with interior decoration, remodeling, renovation and repair works. With significant extension of the amount of orders the company started to specialize also in construction, including exterior and interior renovation of residential and commercial buildings.

Having acquired the reputation of as a reliable, dependable and trustworthy construction company, NRG Magic Construction Inc. has accomplished a number of big projects in commercial buildings on Wall Street. Having the necessary license and insurance coverage, the company has a legal right to conduct construction, remodeling and renovation works in all five boroughs of New York , and it also has a separate license for works on Long Island .

What makes NRG Magic Construction Inc. special is that the company completes all types of construction, renovation and decoration works with high speed, high quality and security, first of all - with a high quality guarantee. If any defect, made by the company, will be found even after three years, the company will regard it as its responsibility to eliminate that defect without delay, following the first request of the client.

The work on every project begins with solving all designing and architectural problems, and with receiving necessary sanctions from proper (related) city agencies.

All types of works are done by various specialists and NRG Magic Construction Inc. has close contacts with respected subcontractors, who do electrical and plumbing works. The company takes full responsibility for the quality of the final product.

As for construction materials, all the raw materials are provided by the company, while the final materials that determine the appearance of the project, its design and architecture are chosen by the clients. In those cases the company helps the clients, recommending the most reliable and trustworthy providers (suppliers).

As for the costs of the works NRG Magic Construction Inc. offers, the company always comes to terms with the clients, because it proceeds from the real situation on the market of demand and supply.

The goal that you will set before the company will be achieved in response to all your wishes.